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Naam van het lied Songtekst Of The Edge

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According to Albert
According to Albert, reality is merely an illusion,
The lines between the then and now are notional, a fictional diversion.
But now I'm here, not knowing what to do with yesterday's confusion.
According to Albert, identity is only a delusion,
A prison wall of me and you, of mine and thine, a wall of separation.
I'm separated from the outside world, a house of limitation.
But if I can't believe myself, how can I believe in you?
Was I invented by my mind? and who invented you?
I change my mind from time to time, from day to day, from hour to hour-
I know I'm not alone in here, there's two or three of me and more..
According to Albert, freedom is a circle of compassion,
An all-embracing sympathy, a tenderness and love for all creation.
But Albert said: the world is just an optical delusion.
Songs from the Edge
© Hazel Leach